Mursheda Ahad was born in England, UK and has been living there for the entire fourteen years of her life—she absolutely loves it there. Usually people cannot understand her very well or they say that she's too complicated and so she calls herself the 'labyrinthine soul,' for a labyrinth is a complex structure—mazelike in its form—running in many intricate branches, containing within it many intangible depths, and that's perhaps how she'd describe her persona. She holds an utmost passion for physics and mathematics and dreams of being a physicist someday. Also bounded into the depths of her soul is a vast appreciation for artistic value, especially literature and music—these are things she adores. But really, there's nothing much to her—she's just a regular girl who loves creating/destroying things whilst living in the moments knowing that she's dying.

"Paradoxical Perfection" featured in The Heart of Aces

Jacklyn Baker is a resident of Dallas, Texas, and spends her time writing, reading, and keeping the candy bowl at her desk full. Every Sunday she enjoys brunch and a trip to the bookstore with her closest friends. Jacklyn would like to thank these friends for all their support. Without them this story could not have come to pass as her first published work.

"Even if the Stars Fell From the Sky" featured in Powerless Against You

Jade Black lives and works in Florida, where she works in the field of private security and has also worked as a body snatcher. She has a degree in criminal justice and has spent time on a body farm.

"Skulls" featured in Powerless Against You

Andrea R. Blackwell was born in Upstate New York (the part up near Canada). She's been writing since before she could spell correctly, and yes, spell check is one of her best friends. She moved to Arizona in 2011 and is having a grand old time so far.

Blackwell is currently working on a series of books about the superhero Mr. Insulator, a man who just wants to use his unorthodox powers to help people. The first book The Life and Death of Mr. Insulator was completed during NaNoWriMo 2011. She is working to publish Mr. Insulator's stories, so stay tuned.

"An Asexual and a Hypersexual Walk into a Bar" featured in The Heart of Aces
"Things We Do For Love" featured in Powerless Against You

Gabriella Brand's work has been featured in Step Away Magazine, Room Magazine, The Mom Egg Review, Three Element Review, The First Line, and in several anthologies. One of her stories was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2014.

She divides her time between Connecticut, where she teaches languages, and Quebec, where she canoes, hikes, writes, and takes pleasure in cow-watching. Her website is:

"Like Kissing a Calf" featured in Unconventional Love

Madeline Bridgen lives in Ontario. She collects books and probably has too many. Her work has been published in Kaleidotrope as well as other places, and she is currently working on a novel.

"Thanksgiving Dinner" featured in The Heart of Aces

Chelsey Brinson is a carbon-based life form descended not from apes, but humanoid aliens, and begs you not to be envious. She is passionate about a great many things that many probably wouldn't care to read about, and besides being an aspiring writer, spends nearly as much time reading as she does living. (Not that she does much of that anyway.) She is from Lakewood, Colorado, and in her opinion, there is no state more beautiful in all of the continental U.S., despite it being the only one she has seen. She likes to believe she is very open-minded, though that may seem vain, and is more than a little bit weird. It is advisable that if you were ever to see her out on the streets, you should promptly turn the other way, so that you might not be infected with The Strange, as scientists have begun to call it. She has suffered from fibromyalgia since childhood, but she doesn't let that make her a victim of her disease, and she strives to achieve all that she can in life.

You can follow her on twitter @Chelsified, and on tumblr at

"Shades of Gray (A)" featured in The Heart of Aces

Lauren Brownless is wide-eyed, people-watching fool currently living in Melbourne, Australia, where she is a student of Graphic Design, Film, and Writing. She spends most of her time reading (mostly cereal boxes), begging her laptop to work, and Googling 'how to be funny' (it never helps). She has unhealthy fascinations with the internet, Scottish things, and colours, and is constantly trying to find ways of fitting those things into her writing. As well as writing, her interests include: cosplay, art, design, and vomiting out creative nonsense. All of which can be found at (except for vomit, because that's a little gross).

"Indeed They Cry" featured in Shifting Hearts

Stephanie Charvat is an aspiring writer. She is currently a fourth-year student studying creative writing and Japanese at Knox College in Galesburg, IL. She identifies as aromantic asexual and enjoys reading, writing, and drawing, in basically that order.

"Sketch" featured in The Heart of Aces

Rachel Christensen was born in London, England, and moved to the United States with her mother and brother when she was two. By day she works in non-fiction publishing, and by night she writes fantasy and science fiction. She enjoys gardening and botany, having studied botany and ecology at the University of Vermont. She can often be found out in the wilderness meeting deer and bears and other wild things. She enjoys travel, and has visited three continents so far.

"The Phones Are Down" featured in No Place for Us

Adam Clark is a resident of St. Louis, Missouri, and enjoys cooking Italian food, reading, and drawing. He is currently at work on a novel.

"Pieces" featured in No Place for Us
"Chilean Rose" featured in Unconventional Love

Elizabeth Coppen is an aspiring law student from Australia, with an interest in constructed linguistics and insurance law. She would also like to see a tort in privacy being developed. She has previously co-founded, edited and written for a newsleaflet for her secondary school, which was free because otherwise nobody would read it. Her work with Good Mourning Publishing includes her professional writing debut.

Inspirations: one part Garcia Lorca, a cup Italo Calvino, a pinch Paolo Bacigalupi, three oversized mugs of tea, and one book of Arundhati Roy (whole, preferably). Simmer it over a low heat of social justice concerns. This recipe serves two.

"Junebug Alien" and "Raining Cats and Dogs" featured in Shifting Hearts

Kara Costegan believes in magic, soul mates, and love at first sight. In her imagination, anything and anyone is possible. As a child, the worlds and characters Kara created became her friends, and as an adult, enjoys sharing them with others who are seeking encouragement and belief, escape, or simply hot love stories including paranormal beings.

In Kara’s world, love is love, regardless of the gender or number of people involved. As long as the participants are equally invested in making a relationship work, she sees no reason why love should be limited to two. Likewise, in Kara’s worlds love transcends gender, and everyone deserves to have a happy ending regardless of sexuality or gender identity.

"Secrets to Keep" featured in Powerless Against You

Neil Davies was born in 1959 and has found everything else to be an uphill struggle. He currently lives in the North West of England with his wife and two children. Any spare time he can find he spends writing Horror and Science Fiction. For more information please visit his official website:

"Subs " featured in No Place for Us

Esther Day has recently decided she is unstoppable, and is rather enjoying the super-villian mindset.

"Why Not?" featured in Accessible Love Stories
"Good PR" featured in The Heart of Aces
"Like Calls to Like" featured in Shifting Hearts

Amanda Dier is an archaeologist currently turning roadkill into usable bones. Her work has previously appeared in Subtext Queer Arts Magazine and Digressions Literary Magazine. She lives in South Florida with her partner.

"Fire on Babylon" featured in Accessible Love Stories

Elizabeth Gannon, overeducated and underemployed, lives in Florida with her sister Cassandra Gannon, who is also an author. They're just like the Brontës, only not English, famous, or dead. Also, Emily Brontë didn't write a series of novels about super-villains finding love. ...Wait, not Emily. She wouldn't be Emily, she'd be the other slightly less maudlin one. She enjoys comic books, soap operas, and reading. She has always been the type of person who genuinely votes for the bad guys in movies, TV and video games, and usually can't stand the hero. You can visit her official blog at:

"No More Mr. Bad Guy" featured in Powerless Against You

DC Graham lives in San Francisco, where all the buses have lifts.

"Meet Cute" featured in Accessible Love Stories

Agustin Guerrero was born and raised in Florida. He lives with his best friend, writes, and frequents used bookstores. He thinks that flying is the most pointless super power. Recently, he self-published a military science fiction novel called The Amalgam. If you wish to contact him, he can be reached at, where there are links to all the other social medias.

"Lovesick: Chasing the Storm" featured in Powerless Against You

Jess Gulbranson is the author of novels 10 A BOOT STOMPING 20 A HUMAN FACE 30 GOTO 10, Mel, and Antipaladin Blues. His short fiction, poetry, and art have been featured in Thackery Lambshead's Cabinet of Curiosities, Kizuna: Fiction For Japan, Umbrella Journal, and Bradley Sands Is A Dick. For Crappy Indie Music: The Blog he is a critic, interviewer, and douchebag-in-residence.

"To Stop Now" featured in Accessible Love Stories

AJ Hall lives in Manchester, England and can be contacted through the website, which also publishes AJ's fanfic. AJ Hall is currently working on a novel sequence, The Queen of Gondal, which is a swash-buckling romance in the style of John Buchan and Alexandre Dumas, set in three fictional kingdoms created by the Bronte children and starring 17th century versions of Sherlock Holmes, John Watson and other characters from the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and its BBC modern re-imagining, Sherlock. The first nine instalments of The Queen of Gondal are available at the website.

"Out of the Dead Land" featured in The Heart of Aces

Alice Hare is an aspiring writer and English Literature student currently living in England, UK. When she can pry her hands from the video game controller, she loves to read fantasy novels, watch sci-fi movies, and for a dose of reality—bake cupcakes.

You can follower her on Tumbler at:

"Crimes of Passion" featured in Powerless Against You

Nadia Hutton is a social service worker, science fiction writer, and playwright. Her debut play Liar premiered to a sold out run at the Theatre on King in Peterborough, Ontario. She currently lives in Waterloo where she juggles her many paid and volunteer social service gigs.

"City of Small Gods" featured in No Place for Us

Charles Land writes under his first and middle names because his surname is so familiar in British geography, history, and folklore that readers suppose he borrowed a fancy pseudonym to sound regal.

He grew up loving short stories, studied the craft in college, and wrote many during years teaching high school English. Continuing his formal education, it was only natural to fashion a graduate dissertation around brief tales in a Chaucer-like framework. After two decades as a professor of English, Charles retired to the Willamette Valley of Oregon to write and edit short stories and thoroughly enjoy life with Kay.

"Defcon" featured in Unconventional Love

Ruth Madison
There isn't enough fiction out there with characters who have disabilities. Ruth Madison aims to fix that. After years of combing through the dusty back shelves of libraries looking for her elusive, imperfect hero, she started writing her own.

Ruth's romantic tales are full of wounded heroes: men physically challenged by life, but not de-feated. These men overcome the difficulties of amputation, paralysis, or cerebral palsy to find acceptance, happiness, and heroines who love them exactly as they are.

Learn more at

"On Saturday Afternoon" featured in Accessible Love Stories

ME McLaughlin has been writing since she learned to put pencil to paper. She lives in Michigan, but is excited to attend graduate school in Minnesota to earn an MFA in creative writing. Her best ideas come when she’s driving. If you see someone reading or writing at a stoplight, it’s probably ME. She also enjoys puns way too much.

A Lesson in Secret Identities is her first published story.

"A Lesson in Secret Identities" featured in Powerless Against You

Eugenie Mora is a twenty-something writer of fanciful, occasionally creepy, sometimes sweet stories. Hates walks on the beach. Thinks birds are cool but weird. Unapologetic tv junkie. Music ninja. Professional reader. Passionate troublemaker. Food aficionado. Wine practitioner. Introvert. Her work has appeared on and will be featured in a soon-to-be published anthology of Lovecraftian fiction from Innsmouth Free Press. You can follow her at

"Written in Sand " featured in No Place for Us

Flavia Napoleoni, better known as Flacchus, is an Italian newbie writer (who will probably end up being a professional procrastinator), born in the glorious city of Rome on May 21st, 1995. She has wanted to be a writer since she was four, and will unlikely change her mind.

Being a geek and a nerd, her hobbies include writing, reading, drawing, playing videogames and looking at pictures of cats on the internet. She's a polyglot, and enjoys spending her time studying various languages (including dead ones) and writing in her second language, that is, in fact, English. She also aims to be some sort of asexual activist in the future, and she's already a supporter of the Ars Artis Gratia movement.

Her future projects include an awfully long list of novels and short stories (and, possibly, one or two videogames). In 2009 she won the 1st prize for a contest called 'The Value of Woman' - her work was featured on a newspaper -, while in 2011 she won two 1st prizes again: one for a contest about Etrurians, another for the role of older people in society. She's currently attending high school and working on her first novel.

'Stuck in Possibilities' is her first published story.

"Stuck in Possibilities" featured in The Heart of Aces

Tahni J. Nikitins is a freshly graduated student of Comparative Literature and Creative Writing. In 2015 she completed her honor's thesis, "Formal Instability and Generic Convention in House of Leaves" and in 2014 her essay "The Deconstruction of Narrative Framing in David Markson's Wittgenstein's Mistress" was published in the University of Oregon's annual comparative literature journal Nomad. Most of her published work, however, can be found in the ezine Eternal Haunted Summer ( including her 2013-14 five-part series Bindings.

She has spent the better part of the last year developing her first two novels, and has also been known to occupy a corner of the blogosphere at, where she is prone to sharing her thoughts on writing and social justice.

"FemifistingGame" featured in Unconventional Love

Frances Pauli writes across multiple genres. Her work is speculative, full of the fantastic, and often romantic at its core. She discovered fan conventions very late in life, but has embraced them wholeheartedly, often cursing all the time she wasted not participating in masquerades, panels, costume parades and shopping… lots and lots of fanish shopping.

"Fairy Quest" featured in Unconventional Love

K Orion Fray was born on a freezing cold December morning. This was widely considered a poor decision, and so Rion's since moved down to Richmond, VA—where it is significantly warmer. Weaknesses include corgis, tea, wine, accents, animals in general, and interesting names. When not writing, Rion can be found narrating audiobooks, voice acting on YouTube as well as creating videos for the BookTube community, watching movies, or aimlessly wandering around Richmond trying to figure out how to get home. By the fall of 2015, Rion should be the proud owner of an MFA in Creative Writing from Carlow University in Pittsburgh, PA. More scribblings by this crazy person can be found at

"Toeing the Line" featured in Powerless Against You
"Sight Unseen" featured in Unconventional Love

Rai Scodras is agender, queer, asexual, and is living in Ontario, Canada. Their interests include writing (obviously), costumes, books, and nature. They hope to one day live amongst a pile of cats. Rai normally writes longer fantasy stories, but also branches out into short stories and contemporary fiction. They have been writing from a very young age, and this is their first time being published.

"True Emotions" featured in The Heart of Aces
"The Journey" featured in Shifting Hearts

Sarah Sinnaeve is living a contented life in Michigan with her books and her dog. She spent a long time struggling with the idea of successful romance with anyone outside the Ace community and has happily been proven wrong. She sincerely wishes that this story, along with the others found in this book, will give a little hope to those that feel lost in love. Keep fighting.

"Aphrodite Hour" featured in The Heart of Aces

Christy Leigh Stewart is an author of a handful of books that are better than most of the ones you've never heard of. Learn more about her and her work at

"Bad Hotel Art" featured in Accessible Love Stories

Kim Stratford lives in Northern Virginia and originally hails from Seattle. She’s written romantic fanfiction for years, but “Flying Fast, Falling Hard” is her first original romance sale, and she’s very happy it involves superheroes. When not writing romance, Kim can be found reading, writing darker fic under another name, watching television, or volunteering at her favorite animal rescue organization, Friends of Homeless Animals ( To see what else she is up to, check out her website:

"Flying Fast, Falling Hard" featured in Powerless Against You

Lyn Thorne-Alder was born in rural New York State and grew up in a log cabin (not a barn, as she often claims). She lives in the Finger Lakes with her husband and three cats. Her garden occasionally threatens to take over the world. To learn more about Lyn Thorne-Alder, please visit

"Company" featured in No Place for Us
"Waterwoman Can't…" featured in Unconventional Love

D.H. Tuck writes and lives in Woodstock, Georgia with her husband and dogs. She is the co-host of the Fanboy and Geekgirl Power Hour on Project iRadio and can be found online at

"The Power of Beauty and Youth" featured in Unconventional Love

Chris Witham is a classicist and mathematician studying at the University of Southern Maine. Chris' works, original and derivative, are largely fragmentary and can be found online at Chris believes in the first rule, in the abolition of the 11th commandment, and that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Chris has loved many works of fiction, chief among them: the anime .hack//SIGN, the video game Deus Ex (the original), the show Firefly, and the book Stranger in a Strange Land, and the movie The Princess Bride. As well as other things not listed here because a comprehensive list would take forever and a day.

"Looking the Real You in the Eye" featured in Shifting Hearts

Kari Woodrow is a freelance author living in Manasquan, New Jersey. She holds a Bachelor's in education and a Master's in literacy. Kari has a mug of tea by her side almost every hour that she's not asleep, and firmly believes that it helps the creative process. In her spare time, Kari likes to read comic books and spend quality time with her cat. For updates on Kari's work, or to get in touch with her, look her up on Facebook:

"Five Lies" featured in The Heart of Aces

Daryna Yakusha is a Ukrainian-American first-generation immigrant who was born in the year of the Chernobyl meltdown and has always been fascinated with the aftermath of man-made disasters. She lives in Venice, CA and immediately becomes friends with anyone who can pronounce her name right on the first try.

"A Rainbow at the End of the World " featured in No Place for Us

Ashleigh Zavarelli is a Montana Native, currently residing somewhere on a beach in South Australia.

You can find her on Twitter under @AshZav for information relating to her current projects, amongst other ramblings.

"The Parasite" featured in No Place for Us